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Continuation of the NaruGaa/GaaNaru fic rec. Titles A-M here.

this means I have not read before. This means I cannot guarantee the quality of the fanfic.
this means I have read before.
* means I liked it.
** means I highly recommend it.
*** means I died and went to heaven reading it.
!: is my comments on a fic.
WIP means work in progress.
COM means completed.
DIS means discontinued.
OS means one-shot.
MC means multi-chapered.
means there is smut.
AU means alternate universe. (I consider NO NINJAS as alternate universes; otherwise, the fics won't get this label.)
new means a fic is newly added.

Naruto and Gaara, Make Each other Happy by kathlaida-princess. WIP OS NEW
Summary: Madara is defeated, Sasuke is back, peace is here and Naruto becomes Hokage. What more is there to do, when you finally have time for a special redhead friend? A new quest unfolds, a very different mission.
Link here.

Never by Vee-San. COM OS
Summary: Uzumaki Naruto. The one boy that Gaara would never hurt, and could never kill.
Link here.

Never Get A Kazekage Drunk by Dreaming-Of-A-Nightmare. COM OS
Summary: Gaara's 18. Kankurou says he needs to loosen up. So they go to a bar. Not knowing the full dangers of alcohol, Gaara gets drunk. Naruto pays avisit...but the memorable events happen after the trip to the bar.
Link here.

NOT a Ramen Date by happyaddict. COM OS
Summary: Naruto drags Gaara out for some fun.
Link here.

Not Heaven by Anria. * COM OS
Summary: Naruto is sent on a mission to the Hidden Sand. There, he meets Gaara once more.
Link here.

Of Demons, Hormones, and Spying by Heosic-chan. WIP(DIS?) MC
Summary: Three years after the chuunin exams, Gaara is thinking about Naruto, and Naruto is thinking about Gaara. When Gaara decides to visit, romace blooms and yaoi fangirls appear. Lots of fangirls.
!: I'm not much a fan of this fanfic simply because these sort of premises don't appeal to me at all. This is listed here because it's popular. =/
Link here.

One Way to Form a Lasting Alliance by Liliane. WIP MC NEW
Summary: With little distractions like ninja wars out of the way, Naruto and Gaara finally have time to hang out and be friends. And to realize it's actually been a long time since they considered each other just 'friends'.
Link here.

Onegai Teishu by YamiTenshi. WIP AU MC
Summary: I met him on a rainy day. The fallen angel with the eyes like the sky. He looked up and called me 'Master.'
Link here.

Orange Lilies by YamiTenshi. WIP MC AU
Summary: All the pretty things in the world couldn't sway him. Interacting was a language that he'd been forced to learn but hated performing. Naruto just wanted to be left alone. Such skewed perceptions are best left to a redhead to deal with.
Link here.

Oranges by Prism0467. COM AU OS
Summary: Naruto opened the door to his small apartment, only to be hit with a very familiar scent.
Link here.

Pacifier by Azura Pasha. WIP MC AU
Summary: Add grouchy Gaara, innocent Naruto, and a baby who thinks that they're his parents. Could it become a total chaos? Or maybe something else?
Link here.

Paper Airplanes by thatreevesgirl. COM OS
Summary: In an attempt to woo Sakura, Naruto accidentally kisses his friend in a moment of angry passion.
Link here.

Paper Notes by Red Riding Freak. WIP (DIS?) MC AU NEW
Summary: As Konoha dresses itself fully in red, there is more red in the scene that it should, with a certain redhead invading Naruto's way. Together they engage into a sweet friendship through their own way of speaking - paper notes.
!: Oh goodness, someone tell her to update again soon! I'm left hanging!
Link here.

Parallels by thrones. COM OS
Summary: After Gaara's resurrection Naruto can't sleep the night before they return to Konoha and pays Gaara a visit.
Link here.

Perfect Punishment by Graceful Storyteller. WIP AU MC
Summary: Jiraiya tells Naruto they're getting a new maid. To Naruto's surprise the maid is a he!
!: This was simply a delight to read! While the characters a bit OOC for my tastes, it's definitely an easy read and very hot.
Link here.

Perfect Simple As That by Vee-San. * COM OS
Summary: Kyuubi. Shukaku. Naruto. Gaara. Two demon boys with similiar and yet different pasts and similiar and yet different lives; two boys who are perfect for one another.
Link here.

Persistence by tasukigirl. * COM OS
Summary: Gaara reflects on the hazards of being pursued by Uzumaki Naruto.
Link here.

Pieces by Dreaming-Of-A-Nightmare COM OS
Summary: I come to you in pieces, so you can make me whole. .:. GaaNaru songfic to 'Pieces' by Red.
Link here.

Playing With Fire by fairy-hime-108. COM OS
Summary: Gaara misses his blond lover, but his duties as Kazekage bind him to Suna. Maybe Temari can convince him to take the night off and go pay a visit to Konoha...
Link here.

Pragmatic Arquebus by xGaaraxPSHAWx. WIP MC AU
Summary: “If you had four months to live, what would you do?” “Why are you asking me this?” “Because I need some ideas.” Dear God, I hope he is kidding. And if he is, I’ll kill him.
Link here.

Pranksters by tasukigirl. COM AU MC
Summary: To think-- it all started with a prank.
Link here.

Prisoner of Sand by The Hobbit Lass. DIS AU MC
Summary: Naruto is on an archeological dig in Egypt and when he accidentally awakens the dead pharaoh Gaara, his life takes a drastic turn.
Link here.

Public Displays of Affection by Lilianae. * COM OS
Summary: It started as harmless flirting right before a meeting, but when you only get to see your lover a few times a year, it's easy to get carried away with making up for lost time.
!: Hot. Really hot.
Link here.

Puppeteers by xXCabbageXx. OS
Summary: Kankuro uses his puppet manipulating skillz to get Gaara and Naruto to go inside a closet.
Link here.


Reflections of Us by Caranina. WIP AU MC
Summary: The first time Naruto sees Gaara, he sees himself reflected in those eyes as they stared through the window.
Link here.

Resonable Madness by Silentz. WIP AU MC
Summary: It was an anonymous letter written to pass the time. He hadn't even meant to give it to him. But then he did, and that's when the trouble began.
Link here.

Rinse and Repeat by QueenTigris. WIP MC
Summary: War changes everyone and thing it touches. Even the most surprising ninja cannot escape unscathed, especially when he has lost everything to it. However, he has a chance to get it all back again. Can he overcome fate the second time around?
Link here.

Ruger Luminist by YamiTenshi. COM MC AU
Summary: What am I trying to protect? Why does he have to destroy? Please god, let me stop this nightmare... "Babe, give me another clip. He's not dead yet." A story of passion, revenge, and the gratuitous sex that's saving dozens of lives...
!: Hands down, this is a creepy clusterfuck of...everything that adults tell you not to do. There's drama, there's sex, there's booze, and that's just the beginning. I'm sitting on the fence on this one because well, it's so good and just my type of fanfic, but at the same time, I'm torn because the characters are so OOC.
Link here.

Sand in the Ramen by ednama. WIP MC (?)
Summary: A series of independent drabbles about Naruto and Gaara. Together.
Link here.

Sandbox by Nocens. WIP AU MC
Summary: There was a sandbox there...And above her was a small figure – a child. A child no older than ten, stroking the smooth bone of the corpse, cleaning the blood away with a corner of his bloodsoaked shirt.
Link here.

Sardonic Abstinence by GaarasGothicNinja. WIP MC AU
Summary: He lived an out of the ordinary- but simple life as a porn star. But what happens when he meets a man who reveals a little more than he can handle about his long forotten past?
Link here.

Severing this Umbilical Residue by kathlaida-princess. COM MC NEW
Summary: Stripped of all his beliefs, purposes and motivations, Gaara returns home after the Chuunin exams trying to understand what more is there left for him. His siblings are there to help, though, and so are Naruto's teachings.
!: You'd probably have to squint to see the Gaara x Naruto love here, but it's still a wonderful Gaara story. Vicente7 captures Gaara's PoV quite well.
Link here.

Shudder by Lycan.Kallias. WIP MC AU
Summary: Life isn't easy for twenty year old Naruto. After their parents died over two years ago, he's been taking care of his three year old brother Konohamaru, putting his own dreams on the back burner.Life isn't exactly wonderful for seventeen year old Gaara either. After running away from an abusive home at age fourteen, he's been living on the streets, selling his body just to stay alive. What could these two possibly have in common? And what could one act of kindness start between them?
Link here.

Sleepless by Erisabesu. COM OS
Summary: Gaara doesn't sleep, but it's not always Shukaku's fault.
Link here.

Someone to Hold by thatreevesgirl. COM (?) MC
Summary: Gaara and Naruto have been friends for a decade. After a single indiscretion between them, it seems like their friendship might falter and crumble. Gaara must help Naruto face his new demons, otherwise they might lose everything.
Link here.

Something More by tatsumaki. * COM OS
Summary: The sand gets into everything. So does Naruto. Gaara knows this.
Link here.

Spoils by Prism0467. COM MC AU
Summary: Naruto is rewarded well for all his hard work.
Spoils, Ruby Slippers (sequel).

Spun From Amber by 18 Doses. *** WIP (DIS?) OS
Summary: It's Gaara, with hair spun like amber, and flesh so pale that Naruto finds himself fixated. He knows that the longer he remains in the desert the stronger the feelings will become, yet he cannot bring himself to leave.
Link here.

Starting His Own Collection by ye kato. COM OS
Summary: They sit in the dusty silence, eyes wandering over the images.
Link here.

Strong and Strike by CollaneR. COM OS
Summary: Of Gaara, Naruto, and jinchuuriki that live for a hundred years. Gaara reflects on the events of his past birthdays, and wonders just what they're supposed to mean to him.
Link here.

Swimming Lessons by kathlaida-princess. COM OS
Summary:Desert people never really learn to swim. People who have a hard time learning, have a harder time teaching. Still, love always finds a cute, original way to help in these situations…
!: Cavaties. This is some sugary fluff.
Link here.

Sweltering by Tasukigirl. WIP MC
Summary: A few mishaps and some awkward observations lead Gaara and Naruto to question their sexuality and the nature of their friendship.
Link here.

Taiikusai by tasukigirl. COM AU MC
Summary: A bet, a rival, and some not so secret crushes- sports day is for more than classroom competition.
Link here.

Teardrop by Dimitri van Doinav. COM OS
Summary: Naruto and the Kazekage watch the rain fall over Konoha.
Link here.

Tender by RythofTwylight. COM MC NEW
Summary: A haunted Naruto bares his heart to Gaara.
!: Puuuuuuuure smut. And very kinky.
Link here.

Thanatology by YamiTenshi. COM OS NEW
Summary: After years of being a funeral director, Gaara finds that the most interesting people are always coming through the doors.
!: It's been a while since I've read any of YamiTenshi's stuff and you know what? She's come a long way. I'd definitely recommend this fic of hers out of all the others that she's written because while her other fics are good, this one is great. And to prove her skills, this fic won the Long Fic category for the NaruGaa contest on LJ!
Link here.

The 12 Days of GaaNaru Christmas by Mistress Pluto. COM MC
Summary: It's a present war between the Hokage and Kazekage. Series of short drabbles based on Christmas and the Matsuri time line.
Link here.

The Chain Reaction of Awkward Situations! by tarastoppable. COM OS
Summary: What should have been a normal day at the hotsprings turns into a series of embarrassing moments for Gaara as he tries to figure out feelings that he's never had before. Sai is there to make it worse...like he always does.
!: Personally, this fic was a bit too OOC for me, but other people might enjoy it. It's quite lively and entertaining.
Link here.

The Cricket Club by Sagi. WIP (DIS?) MC AU
Summary: Naturally, being a high school student is going to suck but when you're a reincarnated Kitsune demon with a fan club composed wholly of crickets... it's going to suck a whole lot more.
Link here.

The Ghost of You by Silentz. COM OS AU NEW
Summary: Naruto swears he's being followed by a boy that no one else sees. Enter stumped classmates, a psychologist, and many one-sided conversations.
Link here.

The Kitsune and the Beast by Dreaming-Of-A-Nightmare. * COM AU OS
Summary: Gaara is a prince with a curse. The only way to break it? Someone has to tell him that they love him. And Naruto no Kitsune is just the blue-eyed beauty to do so.
Link here.

The Kitsune's Kitten by Ho-sama. COM OS
Summary: Living in the city, these two boys have found each other. Gaara comes to Naruto every night, purring and begging for his love. A short, sweet, and sensual story.
Link here.

The Light in the Fifth Floor Bedroom by Gaaras-Gothic-Ninja-Sappy-Sue. WIP MC AU NEW
Summary: Naruto had absolutely no problem with his new apartment...That is...before he looked out his window.
Link here.

The Love of Our Sorrow's by Sgt-Whip. WIP MC AU
Summary: Gaara and Naruto both have crushing pasts. But will they ever realize how close to each other their pain brings them?
Link here.

The Meaning Behind A Touch by Dreaming-Of-A-Nightmare COM MC
Summary: They say you can't truly understand something until you experience it for yourself. I'm determined to prove that theory. Although they also say that we shouldn't stray too far from what we know...
Link here.

The Pretty Kazekage by thatreevesgirl. COM MC
Summary: Gaara's birthday was a few weeks ago, come in and read about what Naruto got him.
Link here.

The Road Less Traved By by Ashen Skies. * WIP MC
Summary: Five years ago Naruto brought Sasuke back but received only hurt in return, and so he left. Now it is Kitsune, strong and deadly, who returns to his old village to take the jounin exam. When war erupts with Konoha at its heart, what will he choose?
Link here.
!: This was...a very interesting fic to read. It's quite different from a lot of fics out there, but at the same time, it's not a far cry from some of the Naruto fics that I have read. This is basically a powerhouse!Naruto fic. It's very well written and is wonderfully paced so you get sucked right in when you read it.

The Robber in the Den by xthextellxtalexmassacrex WIP AU MC
Summary: Gaara is an author of Japan's greatest mystery and horror stories. One of his top fans is a robber named Naruto Uzumachi. Naruto needs some cash to bail his best friend Sasuke Uchiha out of jail, so where will he find 1000 dollars?
Link here.

The Sum Total of Our Inchoate Parts by Yxonomei. WIP (DIS?) OS
Summary: Naruto hasn't been broken and Gaara hasn't been mended, but they're getting there.
Link here.

The YinYang Blues: A Sick Rose by Kaiser Willhelm. COM OS
Summary: People have the weirdest misconception that I am the light to Gaara's darkness. How wrong they are. Obviously they have never truly met my redheaded angel and I.
Link here.

These People I Can't Stand by Lilianae. * WIP MC AU NEW
Summary: The struggles with teenage angst, a big brother to surpass, and friends who just won't go away, of one Sasuke Uchiha. He may not know what's going on half of the time, but maybe no one will notice if he looks serious enough while dealing with it.
!: This is a quite unique fic that I'm recommending because it is, essentially, a Sasuke fic. Naruto and Gaara are featured as secondary characters here and yes, they are a couple. Normally, I dislike Sasuke fics (...he's not my favorite character ever), but here, I love the unique spin Lilianae has put on the Naruto cast. I love her writing and it's almost enough to make me even think of liking Sasuke. I think everyone should give this fic a go because it's light hearted and well written and highly entertaining.
Link here.

This Place Will Always Be Ours by Lycan.Kallias. * COM OS AU
Summary: The place always made him sad. Gaara figured it was the perfect place to die. But before he can leap, a stranger pulls him back. What is it that makes the blue eyes so sad? Could the blond be his reason to live?
!: Anything written by Lycan is kind of a guaranteed well read; this one is no exception. I generally don't like terribly angsty topics, like suicide, but this one totally broke down my barriers. I read it and I liked it.
Link here.

Those Eyes by Perfumey. COM OS
Summary: Instinct was telling Gaara that this was dead wrong. Years of being a shinobi gave him the urge to either headbunt or punch the shit out of the blonde teen. However, Gaara found himself uncharacteristically frozen and unable to do either.
Link here.

Three by elloshort. COM OS
Summary: Three years since we started dating. Three hours since I've known. And in three seconds I'll tell you. Please don't be mad.
Three, Nine (Sequel).

Tied Up (Letter to Penthouse- Naruto) by tasukigirl. ** COM OS AU
Summary: Naruto is slighted by the new DJ, and finds a way to get revenge. Or does he? (It's written in letter format)
!: This is very interesting, which says nothing about tasukigirl's talent in the least. Tasukigirl is definitely one of the god(dess)s of this fandom because to be able to pull off a "length letter fic" is all kinds of difficult. To be able to make it work and to make it so deliciously hot at the same time, well, she certainly has my respect. I won't give anything away here, but I really enjoyed reading this...even though I'm over a year late. orz;;
Link here.

To Adore the Hellish by Yellow Kiwi. COM MC AU
Summary: Naruto can't stop thinking of the schools outcast. It'll be hard enough to get to know him, even harder to get him to love him, but none of it will be has hard as staying together in a school that is trying so hard to tear you apart.
!: ...I actually don't like this fic very much, but this made it onto this list because 1) It's complete, 2) It's very popular, and 3) My [only] NaruGaa/GaaNaru loving fangirl friend requested that I put it up, so who am I to deny her? Anyway, my opinion of this fic is that while the plot and the charm of the fanfic cannot be denied, the writing and grammar needs a complete rework and revision. I couldn't finish reading this fanfic. =/ So...read at your own risk?
To Adore the Hellish, To Admire the Sinful (Sequel).

To Convince a Vexing Vulpine by BadDragonBran. WIP MC
Summary: A week is all that Gaara has to convince Naruto that his true place is at the Kazekage's side. That should be more than enough time...right?
Link here.

Touch by Karupin-Kun. WIP MC
Summary: Gaara met Naruto shortly after Naruto was removed from a crappy foster home. Over the years they've become close friends but when Naruto's case worker tries to take him away Gaara is willing to do all he can to help even while over coming his own demons.
Link here.

Tracking a Fox by SLynnH. DIS MC
Summary: Gaara knows about 'Kyuubi' and is intent on finding this mysterious being.
Link here.

Training a Kazekage by thatreevesgirl. COM MC
Summary: Gaara comes to Konoha for medical tests after the removal of Shukaku and sees how hard Naruto is training, now he wishes to be stronger as well.
Link here.

Trains by kathlaida-princess. COM MC NEW
Summary: Summer is upon the Ninja World after peace has come, and the Kazekage is invited to spend it with his hyperactive best friend as well as his companions. But the presence of so many other people there (a certain dark-haired boy included) makes Gaara think that maybe he will be the one left out...
Link here.
!: Kathlaida-princess, or otherwise known as [livejournal.com profile] vicente7, is an excellent author. I haven't had the time to read as much as I usually do so I'm only half way through, but Trains should be read by every NaruGaa fan out there!

Troubled and Trembling by Dreaming-Of-A-Nightmare. COM OS
Summary: “I will always be here for you, Naruto. To protect you, and support you. I know how troubled you are by how you are trembling.”
Link here.

Under the Mask, You're Vulnerable by Dreaming-Of-A-Nightmare. COM OS
Summary: Share with me the blankets that you're wrapped in, because it's cold outside. And share with me the secrets that you've kept in, because it's cold inside..." .:. oneshot songfic to Secondhand Serenade's 'Vulnerable'.
Link here.

Undercovers by scottishfae. WIP MC
Summary: Things turn confusing on an undercover mission when Naruto's feelings for his red-headed teammate are revealed; not to mention the discovery of an undercover crime network working out of the control of the Hidden Villages.
Link here.

Unrequited by tasukigirl. COM MC
Summary: Naruto sighed. "Gaara? Have you ever had a crush?" Gaara seemed to ponder these words before nodding slowly. "Do you know what it means when it's unrequited?"
Link here.

Voyeuristic Intentions by Starfig. COM OS
Summary: Naruto finds a rather unique use for the Third's old crystal ball.
Link here.

Water Displacement by two_if_by_sea. *** COM OS
Summary: Since the author didn't have a summary, I'll take an excerpt from the fic itself to put here. "Sand Country smells of sand and chlorine all the time. The smell hits you like something physical the first time you arrive and then slowly fades into the background until you leave, when you start wondering what it is exactly that you've lost, some important part of your breathing. Then you realize that it's the smell."
!: How can something like the excerpt NOT beg to be read? This fic is exceptional and beautifully written; Gaara is is very in character here and the way that two_if_by_sea writes Gaara's vulnerabilities are absolutely fantastic. Everything is believable while still keeping things in character.
Link here.

Welcome to Suna by Izumiko. COM OS
Summary: Naruto moves to Suna and graphic sex ensues.
Link here.

What About Now by Blade Redwind. COM MC
Summary: Naruto is considering the Chuunin exams. Gaara is emotionally aching and not understanding why.
Link here.

Where The Sand Blows by Pirate Burn. *** COM OS
Summary: He comes to you for reprieve, because he has to believe he is whole. You beckon to him because that is all that made you whole.
!: One of the best fics I've ever read for this pairing. Details, description; it's flawless! Pirate Burn just draws you in and makes you not want to stop reading. However, this style probably won't appeal to everyone as the scenes that happen do progress a bit slowly. Nonetheless it's one of the best I've ever seen for this fandom.
Link here.

White Magus, Black Devout by YamiTenshi. COM OS AU
Summary: Naruto hated his job as a black mage. So his instructor decided to perhaps give him some motivation in the form of his friend's sexy new apprentice, but wait--Wasn't it supposed to be a boy?
Link here.

White Wedding by rageprufrock. ** COM OS NEW
Summary: Sandaime never had to put up with any of this crap.
!: I lovelovelove rageprufrock's writing; White Wedding is a bit different from what I'm used to from her, but nonetheless, it's still a fun and fantastic read.
Link here.

Whore Street by Asterixa. COM MC AU
Summary: In a huge dreary City, a group of friends ekes out an existence in the only way they know how to. But new complications arise when the police takes a heightened interest in the workings of Whore Street.
Whore Street, Suit Square (Sequel), Dusk Boulevard (Sequel).

Willing To Die by Angelvamp1623. COM MC
Summary: (...No summary, so I stole the first line of the fic.) When I was a child, there was no one.
!: I found this on aarinfantasy's forum so you'll probably need to join to see this. xD; It looks very promising.
Link here.

Wishing On by Sakata Ri Houjun. COM OS
Summary: A special wish is made on Tanabata, with special results.
Link here.

Will to Live by Graceful Storyteller. COM OS
Summary: Gaara goes into a coma and won't wake up. Why? What made him lose the will to live? Can Naruto give him a new reason to live?
Link here.

Willing to Die by angelvamp1623. * COM OS
Summary: When Naruto is sent on a mission to protect the Kazekage, can he keep his emotions hidden? And when the time comes, will he choose his love, or his destiny?
Link here.

(Wo)man of My Life! by ednama. COM AU MC
Summary: For Naruto, things are clear: the beautiful red head woman he spot at Sasuke's party IS the woman of his life! But... there's a catch.
Link here.


You Came by DreamsReality. WIP AU MC
Summary: High school does weird things to those in love.
!: I'm actually...not a fan of high school romances. But someone rec'd this to me and I figured, even if I don't like it, there's someone else out there that might!
Link here.

You were the one behind the mask by Shai_Uzumaki. WIP AU MC
Summary: Gaara is the new guy at KonohaHigh.In there he had to put up with Sasuke's pranks and his newly discovered crush on Sasuke's best friend Naruto.Things just got complicate after a birthday invitation and a little misunderstanding.
Link here.


@_@ Th-this took hours to make. *sobs* If you're using this list, please drop me a line so I know if this has been of any use to you! ;~;

I'm sorry to say, I'm no longer updating the rec list. :(


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