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Fanfic Recs: {Naruto} Gaara x Naruto/Naruto x Gaara A-M

Fanfic Recs: {Naruto} Gaara x Naruto/Naruto x Gaara

Even though this list is still in the process of being updated, I still think that there should be enough fics on this list to keep you readers occupied for a while!

Before getting to the legend and all the good stuff, I'd like to warn everyone about my eclectic tastes. Since the GaaNaru/NaruGaa fandom is quite small and the fics are stretched far and wide, my usual stubbornness about reading extremely well written fics have been lowered. It doesn't mean that I still don't hold the ideal as I read, but it's something to keep in mind about as these are fics that I've (somewhat) read and thought was good. Genres that I mostly delve into are deeper, more dramatic, and somewhat angsty fics, though for the GaaNaru/NaruGaa fandom I've expanded my horizons to include a lot of things. I don't like full-blown angst, nor do I like self mutilation fics, suicide fics, and extremely out of character fics so you won't find anything like that here. Please keep in mind that I also read smut so...beware, mixed in this list there are fics that have smut/sex scenes so proceed with caution and your own free will.

Another thing I should mention is that I am in need of help of searching for more well written NaruGaa/GaaNaru fics because nearly all of these fics come from Fanfiction.net because that's where I frequent and it's where I've found some of the greatest gems of the GaaNaru/NaruGaa fandom. Help with compiling this monstrous list of recs will be appreciated! Now, onto the reading!

this means I have not read before. This means I cannot guarantee the quality of the fanfic.
this means I have read before.
* means I liked it.
** means I highly recommend it.
*** means I died and went to heaven reading it.
!: is my comments on a fic.
WIP means work in progress.
COM means completed.
DIS means discontinued.
OS means one-shot.
MC means multi-chapered.
means there is smut.
AU means alternate universe. (I consider NO NINJAS as alternate universes; otherwise, the fics won't get this label.)
new means a fic is newly added.


12 Moments, GaaNaru by black laurel COM OS
Summary: Twelve moments of the relationship between Naruto and Gaara. GaaNaru, one shot.
Link here.

156 Letters by Kou1. * WIP MC
Summary: Gaara goes to Konoha to witness the swearing in of the new hokage, not knowing this trip would change everything he thought he knew.
!: Okay. Hands down, this is one of the better fanfics I've read for this pairing. Hell, I even like it enough to give it a star of its own. But I'm still kind of on the fence. I can't really say why without giving spoilers, so please go have a read.
Link here.

50 Sentences of NaruGaa by Graceful Storyteller. COM OS
Summary: As the title suggests it's 50 sentences on 50 themes about Naruto and Gaara's relationship.
Link here.

A Blessing by thatreevesgirl. COM OS
Summary: Naruto watched as Gaara seemed to trace a slight line on his hand. It was fascinating to see the Kazekage be so human.
Link here.

A Different Definition of Fun by 9hundred13. COM OS NEW
Summary: When Naruto gathered everyone in order to see something spectacular and rare he didn't mean THIS!
!: Okay, so it's not really Naruto x Gaara of any sort, but this was cute and funny. I particularly liked how Gaara reacted to alcohol.
Link here.

A Kiss Hello by Chiikara. COM OS
Summary: Naruto makes a small stop at the sand village to see his friend. Saying hello has never been so awkward.
Link here.

A Mere Existence by Vialana. COM OS
Summary: And so we live for those we love...
Link here.

A Political Arrangement by QueenTigris. WIP MC
Summary: Hokage is just out of Naruto's reach, and to take that last step he must...marry Gaara? And since when does the ability to make babies-human or not-make you a girl? Naruto doesn't quite understand this, but he does know Gaara looks sexy in a dress. Mpreg.
Link here.

A Question of Love by tasukigirl. COM MC
Summary: An interesting question pops up between the jinchuuriki. Naruto is straight, right?
Link here.

A Quiet Mind by Lycan.Kallias. WIP AU MC
Summary: The voices started without warning. Always screaming in Gaara's mind, keeping him from sleep, from pretending to be normal... from everything. No one can explain them and nothing can be done about them... Then the new kid showed up.
Link here.

A Reason to Play by Batty Angel. COM OS
Summary: Naruto has stopped playing the violin, that is until a certain red head inspires him to play again.
Link here.

A Shinobi's Guide to Puberty by desolate_butterfly. COM OS
Summary: THe Kazekage has a problem and Naruto is called in to solve it.
Link here.

Adulterium by GaarasGothicNinja. WIP MC AU
Summary: Gaara Kaze and Naruto Uzumaki, two men bounded by the ties of family, who find themselves commiting the worst sin; Adultery.
Link here.

Adventures in Docking by YamiTenshi. COM OS
Summary: Gaara wished that time would go faster so he could get to lunch, but when all the other people have left his office, how in the world will he spend his hour? Perhaps a blonde and a position unheard of in yaoi fiction thus far can cure his boredom.
Link here.

And: Reboot by Silentz. COM AU MC
Summary: I have a condition. I’m going to forget everything. I’m going to forget you. And there’s nothing you can do about it.
Link here.

Art of Seduction by Ashen Skies. COM MC
Summary: Naruto tries to seduce Gaara. Gaara tries to resist. Very big screw-ups ensue. Featuring really short shorts, an odd Hidden Mist mating ritual, and a bedsheet. Oh, and lots of humour, angst, and sap. In that order.
!: I actually know Ashen Skies's writing through her Gundam Wing fics. It totally took me by surprise (in a good way) that she write Naruto fanfics now.
Link here.

Baby Baby Baby by anlaaria. WIP MC
Summary: After Shukaku is gone Gaara realizes that his priorities have changed. His new goal involves one oblivious Hokage, a surprising boy, a new village, and a whole lot of ice cream.
Link here.

Bakemono Ai by Mistress Pluto. COM MC
Summary: Naruto successfully completes the Retrieve Sasuke Mission and brings him home but at a price. His demon is injured and not letting him heal. His only chance for survival is another demon vessel with mixed intentions.
!: I've actually read this fic a LOOONG time ago, back when Mistress Pluto was still publishing this fic, if memory serves correct. Anyway, the reason it's here now is because someone requested it to be up and I while I personally didn't like this fic that much, there might be someone that's looking at this list and will love this fic. Who knows. But it's here for your enjoyment.
Link here.

Birthday Dreams by blossomdreams. COM OS NEW
Summary: With the help of his siblings and a certain blond Nin from Konoha Gaara goes from hating his birthday to actually looking forward to the day.
Link here.

Bonded By Blood by sTaR SNipEr. WIP MC
Summary: Alone one night, Naruto calles out to the sky to bring him a friend. Even though he didn't expect an answer he got one. And it was most unexpected person.
!: ...I think this is popular. I haven't read this so I can't guarantee anything, but looking at the reviews, it looks popular.
Link here.

Boys of Summer by shamaim. COM AU OS
Summary: GaaNaru, NejiSasu. One day in the last month of summer, and how to take full advantage of it.
!: Wonderfully written and it makes me feel warm on the inside, like it really is the last month of summer for me too. It's subtle, it's heartwarming, and it's a good change of pace from my usual pickings.
Link here.

Boy's Night Out by QueenTigris. COM OS
Summary: Temari is the mastermind behind the best birthday gift Gaara's ever received, and the consequential sexual identity crisis of her oldest little brother.
!: This was a cute little one shot that had me giggling. Features all three of the Sand Siblings and a healthy dose of well written humor.
Link here.

Breaking Temptation by Reyn. COM OS
Summary: Gaara snaps after Naruto shares a little too much information.
Link here.

Breathe Into Me by Genzetsu. WIP AU MC
Summary: Gaara and Kiba are in a band and they are trying to win the chance to open for the world famous band Akatsuki. The only problem is Gaara gets caught up with a certain blond fan. Will the band win, or will Gaara and Naruto's relationship ruin everything?
Link here.

Broke Straight Guys by YamiTenshi. WIP MC
Summary: Rent is due within days. All his other resources have been exhausted. And his girlfriend just broke up with him. Naruto Uzumaki finds himself stepping into a world that he could never have imagined in his wildest dreams for the sake of rent.
Link here.

Call Me A Safe Bet, I'm Betting I'm Not by TipperKuu. WIP AU MC
Summary: Naruto is forcably taken to Suna to be a slave to the Sabaku family. While Gaara is struggling to prove his worth to his village and family. When Gaara is given exclusivity to Naruto things become very complicated very quickly.
Link here.

Calligraphy by Shyanna. ** COM MC
Summary: It started out as a project beneath the not so watchful eyes of their teachers. A promotion of peace between the younger generations of their villages. It ended as wedding vows.
Link here.

Carnal Attraction by shutupandsing. COM MC
Summary: Gaara can't help the way he feels around the kitsune. How can Naruto make his socially reclusive friend realize that he needs to learn the art of discretion? Oh, and that he's not gay.
Link here.

Cat Life by xXLostinWonderlandXx. COM AU OS
Summary: The trials and struggles of Naruto's kitty cat stalker problem.
Link here.

Cat Scratch Fever by Yxonomei. COM MC
Summary: Naruto thinks he's a cat, and Gaara's fine with that.
Link here.

Catalyst by Boyue. * COM AU MC
Summary: When he got together with Naruto, Gaara knew it won't be anything serious. But it didn't mean he doesn't take it seriously. So why does he feel so perplex when someone unexpectedly comes into his life?
Link here.

Change of Fate by xkidrogue and siberiafox. WIP AU MS
Summary: Who said life wasn't a circus? Acrobats falling in artist's laps, fights with the blade...In this crazy world, what will it take to change your fate?
Link here.

Changes by KittenKiller. WIP MC
Summary: Gaara is sick, but he doesn't know what's wrong. Can Naruto help him sort out these new strange feelings?
Link here.

Choices by Caranina. COM AU OS
Summary: While on a horrible date, Naruto meets a redhead that just might make the night worth it.
Link here.

Club Secret by Graceful Storyteller. WIP AU MC
Summary: Naruto, Haku, and Sasuke go to a night club and meet three very interesting people who aren't what they seem. Vampire fic.
Link here.

Colors by AkiChan323. COM OS
Summary: Red and Yellow make orange, Naruto's favorite color. Gaara thinks he's crazy.
Link here.

Dangerously in Love Part I by Caranina. COM AU OS
Summary: There were rules to never be broken but here we are breaking the most important of them all.
Link here.

Dark Soul by Shi-koi. ** WIP MC
Summary: Set after the fight at the Valley of the End, and before the beginning of Naruto Shippuuden. This is one vision of Gaara's journey to be human.
!: Alright. This is a Gaara and Naruto friendship fic AND a crossover fic with Stargate. But this is written in a hauntingly beautiful manner and the concept of Gaara following the sands to different places is just amazing. This is an absolute delight to read since this fic is Gaara-centric and it's incredible the way Shi-koi describes Gaara, how he's just so in character. Her Naruto's not the best I've read, but her Gaara is just amazing and the adventures he has? Flawlessly described.
Dark Soul, Sand Walker (prequel).

Desert Storm by Keruri. *** COM OS
Summary: When Naruto visits Sunakagure, he brings storms with him.
!: It's so beautiful and Keruri's Naruto and Gaara are just so well written that I couldn't help but fall in love with them, though her Naruto seems to be a lot more solemn than canon. But all is forgiven since the writing technique is astounding here and it works in favor of creating quite an atmosphere.
Link here.

Detrimental Benefits by Dreaming-Of-A-Nightmare. COM AU MC
Summary: A detrimental benefit: an oxymoron that implies anything received which is meant to be positive is in fact harmful to it's receiver. Example: Falling in love with your hated enemy who also happens to be the same gender as you are.
Detrimental Benefits. Anti-climatic Excitement (Side Story).

Devotion to Misbehave by DarkEra'Ssnow. WIP MC
Summary: Naruto Uzumaki has just been assigned to patients in Sector 21. The most dangerous patients and for some odd reason they seem to like him more than the other doctors.
Link here.

Diamond by Junsui Kegasu. COM OS
Summary: Only a diamond can scratch another diamond.
Link here.

Divided by squiggle-monkee. COM MC
Summary: While Sasuke's harsh demeanor pushes Naruto away, Gaara's willingness to love draws him closer.
Link here.

Double Reflection by Ugawa. * WIP MC NEW
Summary: "No, Gaara, look at the tracks in your arms. you're not still you at all." Naruto turned, knowing the weight of his words. "And to be honest, I don't think I even want you anymore." Living in the slums of London, Gaara knows how hard surviving can be..
!: Okay, the author summary's not that great because hooo goodness, does this summary turn me off the fic faster than tentacle hentai. But the fic writing is good. It can be polished a bit, but as Ugawa's newest work, Double Reflection is pretty brilliant.
Link here.

Dying a Shinobi Death by Shyanna. WIP MC
Summary: The strongest allied shinobi nations have been brought to their knees by the Akatsuki, completely obliterating the hidden villages of the Wind and Fire country. Two survive; the jinchuuriki's journey begins here, at the border of oblivion.
Link here.

Emergency by Lilianae. COM OS NEW
Summary: Naruto's in a hurry and Sakura and Kankuro flirt.
!: Since the author didn't supply one, I hope the one I made up is sufficient. ^^;; It's a really cute ficlet that I encourage everyone to read!
Link here.

Emotions by Graceful Storyteller. COM OS
Summary: What happens when Gaara confuses lust with bloodlust?
Link here.

Endless Blue by xXFissshBonesssXx. WIP MC
Summary: The sky was blue, blue and endless... Innocence, violence, life and death and Naruto.
Endless Blue, Heat (Side Story).

Equals by Sakuramar. WIP MC
Summary: Some years have passed since Naruto last tired to get Sasuke back, but to no avail. He decides to go to Suna, knowing he has feelings for Gaara, and wishes to spend time with him.But then, Sasuke returns.
Link here.

Expanding by yue kato. COM OS
Summary: He'll trace the kanji on his forehead, pull him closer, and fall back asleep.
Link here.

Family of Demons by cneko2. * COM MC
Summary: After ten years of Konoha enforced exile, Naruto returns home.
!: This is one of the oldest and most famous GaaNaru fic out there, as far as I know. Many things are not according to canon because this was written pre-Time skip, I believe. This is a wonderful read for anyone that's new to the pairing and really, there's not much to say about a classic. Naruto and Gaara's interaction with each other and Kizuko is very compelling to read and at the same time, it's not just about them being in love, but coming together as a family in a society where they don't quite fit in. There's love, there's action, there's the cutest little girl running around (moe!), there's a plot; what more do you want?
Family of Demons, Forests in the Desert Sand (Prequel), Tadaima (Side Story), A Simple Question (Side Story), Family of Demons: Natsu Matsuri (Side Story), Snow Day (Side Story), Adventures in Babysitting (Side Story), Home Sweet Home (Side Story). (Side Stories not listed in order! ^^;)

Fire and Sand by Ayien. COM MC
Summary: 100 drabbles on the GaaraNaruto relationship, done for fanfic100.
Link here.

First Kisses by thatreevesgirl. COM OS
Summary: Naruto prepares for his first real kiss with Sakura, but what happens when it is a little less than stellar for him? Will Naruto ever get a kiss that sets his heart on fire? Maybe another friend can help.
Link here.

Fix You by unwritten25. ** COM OS NEW
Summary: Because Sasuke is a bastard and Gaara can kick his pale Uchiha ass any day. Nyah.
Link here.

For the Love of the Hat by Konpeitou. COM OS
Summary: Naruto, Gaara, and the Kazekage hat. Naruto is sent to Suna Gakure and gets to spend time with the Kazekage.
Link here.

Friends and Further by thatreevesgirl. WIP MC
Summary: A set of short stories which detail how Naruto and Gaara become more than friends.
Link here.

Frozen by vivpiv. COM OS NEW
Summary: When everyone thought that Naruto's heart was open for all, it wasn't. It was frozen from all the pain he's felt."Why, Gaara?Why are you the only one to see behind my mask?"Because I love you, saiai."
!: The author tries to go for dramatic and beautiful; I'll say that if you're in a mood for something light hearted, it's best not to read this fic. Otherwise, it's an alright fic to pass the time with. The transitions are a little strange to me though.
Link here.

Full Moon and Diplomats by Kyoui-Chan. COM MC
Summary: Diplomatic relations may be hard to maintain when one is in heat. Gaara's visit to Konoha has the worst timing possible.
Link here.

Get Some Sleep by Balloon Animal. COM OS
Summary: The night before Naruto's team returns to Konoha, Gaara has one last request.
Link here.

Gifts and Giving by tasukigirl. COM MC
Summary: “I was getting Gaara’s birthday gift.” Kankuro smiles with the type of triumph characteristic of successfully completing a new puppet. “It’s what he’s always wanted.”
Link here.

Giving Debts by gelfling8604. COM OS new
Summary: Short drabbles from different years of Gaara’s life, starting from 5 years old to current manga up through unwritten age of 17. On what people give you, what you give them back, and what you can’t.
Link here.

Glassmaker by DragonessoftheMiko'sFlame. COM OS
Summary: Sand and heat together make glass Naruto. Will you be my glassmaker?
!: It's undeniable that Glassmaker is written very well and has such an enchanting atmosphere about it that it just sucks you in. Nonetheless, her characters are OOC and that is one of my squicks. I know that the writer is in charge of the reigns, but really, Naruto as suicidal? I don't buy that; Naruto is this eternally sunshine (literally) blond and I don't think anything would change that. Depression and suicidal fics are things I normally avoid, but hey, if you're into these kind of fics, I'd highly reccommend it because it's very well written.
Link here.

Haven by crazy_toffee. COM MC
Summary: Temari wasn’t entirely honest when she sought Naruto’s help. She said Gaara had been missing for a few days, but he’d been missing for a few weeks...
01, 02, 03, 04.

Hot Sand by thatreevesgirl. COM MC
Summary: Gaara and Naruto are the leaders of their respective villages, what happens when these two kages start a relationship?
!: I read this fic when it first came out, which was...nearly two years ago! From what I remember, this fic was steamy and hot, but the characterizations could be improved. Kakashi is so out of it in this fic that it made me go (literally) WTF?! Still, it's a good fic and you shouldn't let me stop you from reading this.
Link here.

Hunger by mm-chan. WIP AU MC
Summary: Gaara has enough problems without Naruto's continuous attempts to make friends. The demon shadowing his life is his brother and he cannot see an escape of it. But Kankuro, too, has his own demons to deal with.
Link here.

I'm Glad I Crashed that Wedding! by daREALshikamaru. COM OS
Summary: Naruto's getting married to the wrong person. Will Gaara be intime to stop the wedding?
!: This has typos and errors all over. Why is this fic on the list? The idea of this happening is...kind of sweet.
Link here.

In Love with the Enemy by xfairygirlx. WIP MC AU
Summary: Naruto is a normal high school kid but what happens when he falls in love with enemy number one, Gaara. Will Sasuke be a problem or will evil come in a different form?
!: Did my typical scan through; just beware of what seems to be minor errors and a bit of OOC.
Link here.

It's Not the Size that Matters by tasukigirl. COM OS
Summary: When Sai's teasing starts to weigh on Naruto's mind the Kazekage intervenes.
Link here.

Inner Obstacle by ednama. WIP MC
Summary: Naruto had always thought that there were no secrets between Gaara and himself, but seeing the Kazekage kissing a man brings certain truths to the light...as well as hidden feelings.
Link here.

Internation Baccalaureate Naruto Style by Sgt-Whip. COM MC AU
Summary: A representation of GaaNaru in the IB program, based on true events in IB up to a certain point.
!: This fic, frankly, is not one for me.

Jinchuuriki by Picklesticks. COM OS
Summary: Naruto and Gaara are the only ones left who understand.
!: This is a friendship fic, but oh god, it's written in such a way that it twists at your heartstrings.
Link here.

Just the Beginning by MandaPandaGSC13. COM OS
Summary: After rescuing Gaara, the Konoha shinobi decide to stay the night in Suna. Naruto can't sleep, and he meets up with Gaara.
Link here.

Kamiyasuri by Blackest Star. COM OS
Summary: Gaara of the Desert visits Konoha to greet the new Hokage. Little does he know that Naruto is the new Hokage. What will this do for Gaara’s plans for the blond and will Naruto get to have his one night with the Kazekage before a marriage is planed?
Link here.

Keys to Diplomacy by Letta. COM OS
Summary: Naruto enjoys the perks of being Hokage when the Kazekage visits for a diplomatic meeting.
Link here.

Konoha Hair and Nail Salon by FlightAngel. WIP MC AU
Summary: A professional hairstylist: beauty-school trained, classy, and silent with remorse. A home trained hairdresser: crude, spunky and refusing to solve problems years old. Throw a love rival into the mix, and, well: there you go.
Link here.

Last Christmas by unwritten25. COM MC AU
Summary: Last Christmas, Uzumaki Naruto's heart got broken. This year, he's hoping for something different.
!: Wow, if this is a one-shot, it puts all my writing to shame. This is a super long one-shot that spans five different pages on LJ. LOL. Anyway, this is one for the holidays. I personally don't like holiday fics, but this one is quite special! It's very well written and you completely want to root for Naruto and Gaara to get together here. It's definitely worth a shot to read!
Link here.

Lessons in Seduction by ednama. WIP MC
Summary: 'I want you to show me how you seduce a man'. Naruto wonders if complying to his best friend and number 1 fantasm material's request isn't a bit like playing with fire. Anyway, he's toasted.
Link here.

Letter in the Wind by Six Signs of Hell. COM OS
Summary: He sees a note flying down from the heavens. When he reads it, his heart flutters at the fact whoever wrote this has a beautiful heart.
Link here.

Letters on the Doorstep by TsukikoElric. COM MC
Summary: Naruto finds a love letter on his doorstep and can't figure out who it's from. His friendship with his secret crush becomes strained.
Link here.

Life by Nocens. COM OS AU
Summary: A killer and the perfect victim.
Link here.

Little Wonders by Finnimbrun. * COM OS
Summary: Naruto, Gaara, and one meaningful rainy evening before they go their separate ways.
!: Very cute and light hearted, though there is a semblance of a darker side to everything. This fic is lengthy, right up my alley, and the characters are just so themselves; I love the way that Finnimbrun writes Gaara and Naruto in here. This fic is easy to read and even easier to fall in love with.
Link here.

Living by Silvertails Tora. COM OS
Summary: All they can do is live, day by day.
Link here.

Losing Battles by tasukigirl. ** COM MC
Summary: Not everyone is happy with Naruto and Sasuke's new relationship.
!: I trusted [livejournal.com profile] ednama's opinion on this one and boy, I was not let down! It's quite depressing in the first chapter, a few errors here and there, but overall, it's a very good read. I remember a few of tasukigirl's earlier works and I must say, she's come a long way. Losing Battles is very good; the characters are themselves, though older. I'm usually not for those pining/love sick stories, but this one was spun in such an elaborate tale that I was blown away. This piece is wonderful!
Link here.

Lullaby by Shyanna. COM OS
Summary: Desert songs and shadowed nights give the Kazekage the briefest glimpse to happiness.
Link here.

Lunatic Carnivale by Konpeitou. WIP MC
Summary: Otogakure is gone, Akatsuki defeated, and the Kazekage finds himself in strange circumstances. Sometimes peace is just too much work for a warrior. Gaaracentric, exploring his life and growth in subsequent years.
Link here.

Marital Life with a Vampire by ednama * COM AU MC
Summary: A parody of every Vampire book/film/fanfic I've ever read/seen, mixed into the joys of married life!How does Naruto cope being married with a Vampire? Addressing now the issue of Vampire and blowjobs! what issues?
!: I don't normally read vampire fics, but this one was well written and oh, the interactions between Naruto and Gaara are just so hot and cute. I couldn't resist. Usually vampire fics are serious and dark (...and cliched), but this one is very different. It's light, humorous, and so sexy. Yes, there is smut.
Link here.

Matchmaker by Nudd. WIP MC
Summary: Naruto's been hired by the Sand Siblings to find Gaara a mate. Too bad no one bothered to mention Gaara's gender preference.
Link here.

Matsuri by Mistress Pluto. COM OS
Summary: There are speeches, there are food booths, there are fireworks. But even though it's all for him, Naruto just wants to escape it.
Link here.

Meeting in Sand by Vampire Ifurita. COM OS
Summary: Naruto's in Sand and decides to call on Gaara. Whoever said Naruto was a bad influence on Gaara?
Link here.

Mein Monster by YamiTensi. WIP AU MC
Summary: In shadows he saw truth. He sought solace in the light for years until causality drove him into a world he'd spent his life escaping. Things DO go bump in the night. And Naruto is ready to bring along the asylum's newest member along for the ride.
!: I haven't read this, but the fic looks like it's an asylum fic. Just fyi.
Link here.

Mentally in Love by Reiko Katsura. WIP AU MC
Summary: It's been 5 years since Iruka had adopted Naruto from a tragic past. Now, at the age of 15, he is overcome with the sudden knowledge of Iruka adopting him an older brother; a red headed, psychosocial, mute and morbid bro, that is.
Link here.

Midnight Snowflakes by Graceful Storyteller. COM OS
Summary: Gaara and Naruto watch the snow fall.
Link here.

More Than Fiction by tasukigirl. COM OS
Summary: Gaara thought he knew his friend until one little book changed that.
Link here.

Movie Go-er by gelfling8604. * COM OS new
Summary: What insomniacs do at night, going crazy bit by bit until all the bits are all eaten up.
Movie Go-er, Theatre

Mr. InTheCloset by Ugawa. WIP MC AU
Summary: Gaara, also known as Ms.Maypole in his spare time, gets an email in his Agony Aunt inbox from somebody that's 'InTheCloset'. Things get tricky when he finds out it's the school's jock Naruto. But as the boys get closer, what extremes will Naruto go to....
Link here.

My Boyfriend the Otaku by ednama. COM AU OS
Summary: Gaara does not want Naruto to see his bedroom. What kind of shameful secret does he hides there?
Link here.

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